Sweet Silence

It is quiet in the mornings as fall flirts with winter. At 7:30 am, the sun is still well behind the horizon and darkness seems to absorb all sound. It is sweet silence.

I spent yesterday afternoon dismantling the big highway election signs. And being the particular soul that I am, I perfectly pile them all up and stacked them neatly behind my shed, ready to emerge in the summer of 2013 for the next election race. First the 4' x 8' coroplast sheets, then the plywood, and finally all the 2 by 4's that held everything together. Of course, always thinking ahead to the possibility that someone could come along and upset the apple cart, I strapped everything together.

Today I tackle all the lawn signs, or at least the ones that made it back to the house. I'm hoping to do one final driving tour today to ensure that all the orphans are collected and stored before the end of the weekend. I suspect there are a few that I missed on my first swing through the neighborhoods, but I just haven't had any time to do a double check until today.

After all the signs are packed up and put away, we complete the transition from running to governing. Tomorrow night is the swearing in ceremony, when I take the oath of office and move from being Councillor-Elect to Councillor. It'll be an important milestone for all of us, a chance to thank our supports, families and friends. It will give us pause, as we reflect on the responsibility that has been handed to us by the voters.


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