Art that grabs

I must have looked a little like a zombie, walking into Hair Trendz yesterday.  I had walked by the salon on my way to a meeting at the radio station when a painting of Marilyn Monroe stopped me in my tracks.

I stopped. I looked. I walked in, without care nor concern that I was not a customer (I have too little hair) and went right up to the painting.

"Who painted this?" I asked.

"It's for sale," one of the ladies said smiling (an absolute bargain at $190).

The artist is Cassidie Miller, teaching art up at Father Mercredi High School covering for a mat leave position.  You can check out her stuff at www.  She has an awesome series that she calls drip paintings.

I love it when art draws me in, but especially so when it is local art.  There are some super talented visual artists in our midst; Cassidie is one that hit me out of the blue.

The ladies at Hair Trendz were very gracious and forgiving for me unheralded intrusion.  I think they were rather amused, if I'm being honest.

There's a guy who needs a styling in the worst way, they were probably thinking to themselves.


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