What I didn't see...

We went to the opening night performance of Footloose The Musical last night.  We saw a lot of strong performances, an impressive set, moving lights and lots of people - the place was packed.  It was some of the things we didn't see that were the most impressive to me.

I didn't see the 18 years of work, determination and perseverance of my son Dylan.  I saw a young man playing his heart out and yes, DANCING!  I will never fully understand what it takes for Dylan to do the things that he does.  I'm sure I wasn't the only one utterly amazed as he moved about the stage as Lyle.  One of his teachers from Educare (pre-school) was in the audience.  She very likely felt the same.

I didn't see the cold and flu that ravaged the cast and crew in the last few weeks.  They delivered an energy-packed show with full commitment.

I didn't see what the amazing dancers went through to add singing and acting to their toolkits.  These young performers give so much to their craft.  Doing a musical stretches their skills and gives so much to our community.  Many of them were with us four years ago when we did Hometown...The Musical!  God bless Choreographer, Dance Coach and Friend Kim Hurley for adding her magic to the show and the overall experience.

I didn't see the hours and hours of dedicated planning and design work that created the spectacle.  From Director Karen Johnson-Diamond to Music Director Hillary Hornberger, from Set Designer Erin T. Gruber to Light Designer Cory Olson; these pros put so much into making what we saw look easy.  It was not.

I didn't see Stage Manager Steph Link juggling a million things at once up in the control booth.  This will be her last production with Keyano Theatre before moving down south.  I can't say enough about this young lady, her excellence and impact.  To say a ginormous hole will be created at Keyano Theatre and in the community when she leaves is the understatement of the year.

I didn't see the work, dedication, and tenacity of Alan Roberts, Director of Keyano Theatre and Arts Centre.  I saw his vision though, and the fruits of his labour.  His passion for theatre, expressed and pursued over decades, is the reason last night happened.  He also has an amazing team that supports him and enables the continued growth and exploration of live theatre in Fort McMurray.

Theatre is like that classic iceberg metaphor, where we only see the very tip above the water.  So much happens behind the set and beyond our view.  What we didn't see is important to acknowledge and celebrate.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Footloose The Musical.  You've got a bonafide hit on your hands.  Enjoy the run!


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