What is your flag?

One of my favourite metaphors is the idea of a flag on top of a mountain representing brand, goal, mission, vision....you name it.  On the one side of the mountain is the individual or organization.  On the other side is the rest of the world.

KEY QUESTION:  Do you and those closest to you see the flag?  Do you all have the same understanding of what it represents?  If you and members of your team or inner circle were to describe the flag to others, each in your turn, how would the stories compare?

Whether you are trying to communicate your core purpose or launch a new product, whether you are in a political campaign or trying to establish your personal brand, the task regarding the flag on top of the mountain is the same:  to create a clear vision for what you are about or what you are trying to achieve and be ready to communicate it in a compelling and consistent way.

TRUTH:  If the flag moves around, from the top of the mountain, to your side of the mountain, to a piece of soft earth inside a cave on the other side of the mountain, you've got big problems.

ANOTHER KEY QUESTION:  Do the people on the other side of the mountain see your flag?  Do they understand it?

If your flag is planted in such a way that only your supporters, customers, or loyal fan base can see it, you're doing a disservice to yourself.  Planting it at the very top, with clarity and commitment, allows everyone else to understand who you are, what you want to achieve, and whether or not they might be interested in what you're trying to do.  They may not agree with your approach or what you're selling, but at least they'll know who you are.

So, what is your flag?  Is it at the top of the mountain?  Do you understand it and believe in it passionately?  Can you explain it in a way that is compelling and memorable?


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