Local Artist Day in Kamsack

In early July, I will be traveling to my hometown of Kamsack, Saskatchewan to participate in Local Artist Day.  I was grateful for the invitation and even more grateful that it worked with my schedule.  I don't get home often enough and this was a perfect opportunity to make the 12-hour drive and spend time with Mom and Dad.

People from Kamsack were some of the early adopters of my painting style.  They picked up what I was doing in the first few months when I started in 2014 and have been encouraging me ever since.  It will be great to share some of my work in person and create a few new pieces.

The Local Artist Day is on July 9th.  As soon as the details are available, I will be sure to share them them.  My understanding is that I'll be doing two things on this day.  First, I'll be doing a live painting, which I will donate to the Museum Society for them to use as a fundraiser.  Second, I'll be hosting one of my wild colour painting workshops and painting along with whoever decides to participate.

I asked Kamsack folks on Facebook who or what I should paint.  The responses have been terrific.  One that really jumped out for me was World War One veteran Percy Goodland.  He lived down the block from us and owned and operated Percy's, our local confectionary.  My cousins from Montreal still wax on about the homemade root beer he served up back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Going to Percy's on our own with a few dimes and nickels was our first taste of independence.  I think he's a great choice, if someone can dig up a few pictures.  Mr. Google didn't seem to have any in his library.

Community builder and businessman Cas Broda was also suggested.  I'll be honest, he popped into my mind almost immediately.  Teachers John Moriarty and Sam Chernoff were also mentioned, both great choices.

In terms of iconic structures, the old Kamsack water tower is intriguing to me, as are the elevators that used to line Railway Street, now called Nykolaishen Drive.  Main street itself is also an interesting subject, though likely a little complex for the time that I will have at my disposal to put it on canvas.

For me, this is an exercise in community; it is the thing I most cherish about my painting journey.  I love the fact that people engage in my process, embrace my successes and forgive my failures.  I am humbled that complete and utter strangers are following my progress, take time to make comments, and share my work with others.  It feels like this community of people is growing every day.  Being able to return to my home community to paint is very exciting for me.  Having residents help in the decision making process as to what or who I will paint is absolutely delightful.

The date of Local Artist Day is July 9th.  Details should be coming out soon.


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