Moving forward

I have struggled in my personal and professional life over the years.  There have been many wonderful times, but there have also been stretches that put me to the test, knocked me to my knees and forced me to scratch my way back up.  If there is one thing that all of that life experience has taught me, it is to move forward every day.

My friend Jared was in the studio the other night and I was trying to explain what I meant.  There are days when I'm super tired or not feeling very well when I'll do small things that may not be very creative or brilliant but still move me forward.  Finishing off the sides of the canvas of an almost completed project, creating a custom shipping box, or placing an order for new supplies are examples of small tasks that come to mind that I can do when I'm absolutely uninspired.

I remember the spiral of stasis when I was in my late teens and early twenties.  It was debilitating and deeply unfulfilling.  I lived in a world of distractions, unfinished projects and loose commitments.  My university performance was subpar; it felt like a waste of my time and of my parents' money.  To move forward I had to step out from the cocoon and throw myself into the world.

Those first few years were tough with low paying jobs, long hours and the burden of trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

Spoon River Anthology
Keyano Theatre Company
Photo by Steve Newman of Sapphire Photography

I'm thinking of all this because Dylan is about to graduate from high school.  Soon, he will throw himself out into the world and find his way.  I talked to him the other day of my simple strategy of moving forward.  Sometimes they are mighty and bold leaps forward, but other times they are small micro steps; both matter equally.

"It is the small things, done consistently, that make the biggest difference." - Robin Sharma

I hope the message sunk in for Dylan.  Ultimately, he's going to have to figure out things for himself.  The hardest thing for a parent is to sit back and watch, knowing that I've been there and done that.


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