Next stop...Christmas

In the dying days of August, things got very quiet in Birdsong Studio.  Requests for prints and commissions came to a trickle as families wrapped up their summer travels and prepared for the start of school.  As soon as September hit, the energy shifted and it's been super busy ever since.

Commission requests hang from strings in the studio, held on by banana clips.  Many of them are Christmas requests.  I have a big enough variety of requests to fulfill my creative desires for weeks to come: people, animals, buildings.  The truth is that I'm almost at the point where I'll need to disappoint people wanting projects done for the upcoming holiday season.  There is just not going to be enough time, despite the fact that I'm now doing this on a full-time basis.

The other thing we are doing is stocking up on gallery canvas prints and other things like greeting cards that will come in handy as get closer to the frenetic time of giving.  There is no question that the next three months will be the busiest of the year.

Interspersed between many solitary hours spent in the studio are charity and community events.  A big one is coming up on Monday as I head up to Elsie Yanik School to work on a portrait of its namesake.  I'm very excited to return to the subject that was the catalyst of this amazing journey and spend time with the students and staff at the new school in Parsons Creek.

A couple of tips for clients:

1.  If you want to gift a print of a specific piece, don't wait to reach out.  I will need time to place the order with our supplier.  You can request almost anything that I've done, the only exceptions being the few limited edition prints.  To see the entire collection click here.

2.  If you are waiting for a commission and haven't heard anything from me in awhile, please send me a quick note via my Russell Thomas Art Facebook page.  This is the most efficient way to communicate with me.  If that doesn't work for you, send me an email at

3.  Be as patient and gentle with me as you can.  I'm going to do my very best to meet your timelines and expectations, but it's going to be a race to Christmas. 

4.  Feel free to drop by for a visit to Birdsong Studio to look at what I have in stock.  Seeing stuff online is one thing.  Seeing original works or canvas prints in person is way better.  All you have to do is reach out and we can find a mutually agreeable time for a visit.

Thank you so much for your support.  We are deeply grateful. 


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