The mindless scroll

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.  Stopping every once in awhile to watch a video that catches your eye or a meme that makes you laugh.

Scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.  My brain gets lulled into a mindless stupor.

How many of us waste countless minutes or hours doing the mindless scroll.  For some it's Facebook.  For others it could be Twitter or Instagram.  Perhaps the young folks get sucked in by Snapchat or other social media platforms.

The first step to claiming back this time is awareness.  Open yourself up to the possibility, or near certainty, that you are wasting valuable time that you can never get back.

Once you become aware that this has become an addictive obsession with little to no benefit, make a simple adjustment the next time you jump into your favourite social media universe.  Take a deep breath just before going on and finish the following sentence:

I am going on (fill with the name of your social media drug of choice) with the purpose of.........

The moment you find yourself drifting from your purpose (and you will drift), jump out and do something (anything) constructive, something that moves you forward in some way.

If you make this a practice you will spend less mindless time on the screen and you will accomplish things and feel more fulfilled.

I'm writing this because I found myself scrolling, scrolling, scrolling first thing this morning.  It needs to stop.


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