I was honoured to be a small part of the grand opening of SUMMIT GM yesterday.  It was a jubilant affair as the dealership celebrated its new located in the previous spot where the Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre stood.  I can't tell you how many events I attended at this site:  countless meetings, dinners, fundraising events and live painting appearances over 20 years.  A part of the old Sawridge is still there.  In fact, I was painting in front of the fireplace that I believe was part of the restaurant not that long ago.

My project was a large (36" x 60") painting of a front view of the new facility.  Normally, I strive to get to near  completion of paintings that I do live.  Doing a piece like this required a level of precision and detail that was very different from what I normally do.  I will need a couple more days of work to finish capturing the magic of SUMMIT.

It was so nice painting in the middle of the hubbub of the celebration.  People were coming and going all the time, some stopped by to watch my process and my progress.  Off in the distance, Dave Martin was singing tunes on the stage.  I have to say how much I enjoyed his performance. He provided a fantastic soundtrack for my painting endeavours.

If you have an opportunity to visit SUMMIT GM, you really should.  It is incredible to see how they have transformed the iconic Sawridge Inn into a first-class dealership, complete with its own cafe.  They have made a gracious nod to history by utilizing elements of the original structure, including one wing of hotel rooms that have been turned into living units for staff and temporary workers.

While you're there, check out these beautiful charcoal drawings by June Heskett.  She has done these beautiful pieces on large panels of wood using charcoal remnants from the 2016 wildfire.  They are truly stunning.

Meanwhile, I'm heading back into the studio to continue working on this piece and several others that are in progress.  My deepest thanks to the team at SUMMIT GM for inviting me to contribute to their celebration.  I look forward to delivering their finished painting very soon.


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