ART in February

Our first major auction of 2019 starts tomorrow.  Both Heather and I were very busy prior to departing for southeast Asia, producing new work and gathering an exciting collection of gallery canvas prints.  At the moment, there are 33 items in the ART in February online art auction.  That number could go up throughout the week. 

Proceeds from the sale of these items will help us continue supporting community groups, charities and worthwhile causes.  We are also thrilled to help in other ways, including making school visits and doing workshops and open studio sessions.  We can't thank you enough for your support.

These auctions are a rare opportunity to get original works.  We usually start the bidding at a discounted price, ranging from 25 to 30-percent off.  We won't be discounting any originals deeper than that as there are just so few of them available.

Gallery canvas prints will be auctioned off in a very similar way to how we do it on the Facebook page.  The starting bid will be a reasonable amount, with minimum bid increments of $25.  There will also be a BUY NOW option available for all gallery canvas prints.  Bidding this amount means you win the item and it gets removed from the auction immediately.  It also means you get an automatic upgrade to an EP (Embellished Print).

What is an Embellished Print?

Our gallery canvas prints look amazing.  We partner with an amazing Canadian printer that does a stellar job reproducing our paintings.  From 6 feet away, you would be hard pressed to be able to tell the difference between a gallery canvas print and an original.  That said, gallery canvas prints are just that....a print reproduction.   An Embellished Print is when I go in and do some enhancements, adding actual paint and brush strokes (in some cases splatters) to the print.  I also add five dots in a row to an EP, strategically place somewhere in the piece.  When all the enhancements are done, I number the EP as 1/1, date and sign it.   Should I ever become famous like Picasso, this would increase the value substantially. 

How does the auction platform work?

This website is awesome.  You can register for free by clicking here.  Once you bid on an item, you will get an email notification that you are the current high bidder.  You will also get an email if someone comes in places a higher bid than yours.  It's super efficient.

When does the auction run?

The ART in February online art auction starts on Sunday, February 17 at 6 pm MST and concludes on Sunday, February 24 at 9 pm MST.

How does payment and pick up work?

The morning after the auction ends, you will get an invoice email.  You can pay be e-transfer, credit card, PayPal, cheque or cash upon pick up.  GST will be added to the final sale price.  If you live in the Fort McMurray/Wood Buffalo area, pick up can be arranged at Birdsong Studio located at 114 Demers Drive.  All you have to do is arrange a time with us.

If you live in a different community and need something shipped.  That's easy, too.  Based on the inventory of items in the auction, shipping will range in price from $15 to $50 depending on the size and where you are located.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out:


Facebook Page:

text:  780-881-3752


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