Jim Carrey Serious Beard Face

Some prompts are just too perfect.  "Jim Carrey Serious Beard Face" made me laugh when I picked it out of my Bracelets For Buildings (B4B) hat yesterday morning on Day 3 of my 19 Day Painting Challenge.  I liked it for several reasons.

First, it suggested a Canadian performer that I have not yet painted.

Second, it suggested a serious beard face, as opposed to something dumb or dumber.

I am also in a stretch of having done a number of male portraits and felt that the time was right to tackle a tough portrait.  What makes it tough?  Look at the picture.

This looks like Jim Carrey...a little.  But it's not the iconic image that is in our minds.  He's older, likely wiser, more seasoned.

When I approach portraits I focus on honouring what's in front of me.  Every little nuance in the face matters as they make up the human being.

I work from a black and white printout...which gives me some of what you see above...but not everything.  Even as I look at it right now, I see interesting features that I didn't notice yesterday.

I'll look at this with fresh eyes this morning before signing it and calling it done.  It will be called "Jim Carrey Serious Beard Face".  How can it not be?

It is available for purchase with all sale proceeds being donated to B4B to help with the construction of a home for a poor family in rural Cambodia in 2020.  In fact, the sale of this work will raise approximately 13% of the cost of one life-changing, life-encouraging home.  How amazing is that?

If you're interested, send me a message via my Russell Thomas Art Facebook Page, or email russell.thomas@birdsongconnections.com.


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