Pause in challenge

I'm going to take a one day pause in my 19 Day Painting Challenge and pick things up tomorrow.  I have a commission that demands my full attention for the day.  Despite the fact that the challenge is supposed to be quick and fun, it still ends up taking lots of time to bring the pieces to full completion and get them ready to pass along to customers.


Someone had suggested doing something that celebrated the female form, perhaps a pregnancy pose.  I've had a great response to this one.  I won't intellectualize my choices, but I will say that I clearly saw the seven boxes containing the spectrum of light in my mind's eye.

"Why seven?" asked Heather.  "Why not nine?"

My only answer is that seven felt right,  Seven days, seven teachings, seven stages....luck number seven.  Seven felt right.

I need to do a few small things to "Colours of Motherhood" before signing it and calling it done.


While I have done a few pieces that only use a small number of colours, I haven't done anything truly monochromatic.  After pulling "monochromatic" from my Bracelets For Buildings (B4B) hat, I went looking for a suitable image.  This iconic shot of Bob Dylan from the 1960s seemed perfect.

I did a time-lapse of the process of only using phthalo blue and white.

"Bob in Blue" isn't quite done yet.  I need to find a few minutes to bring it to its conclusion, which is another reason I'm going to take a pause on the challenge today.  I can't too behind on all the steps to finish projects.  It would take much to find myself buried in unfinished projects.

The 19 Day Painting Challenge is our major Bracelets For Buildings fundraiser for the year.  All the piece that get created will be available for purchase at the regular price (based on canvas size).  Any remaining works would go into a special auction that would happen later on in March.  All sale proceeds will be donated to B4B to go toward the building of a house for a poor family in 2020.


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