Changing patterns, following instincts

I am five days into my 19 Day Painting Challenge, though over seven days have passed. How is that possible?

First of all, I've had to listen to my body - several times - as it was still recovering from whatever bug we caught overseas.  Some days I feel super close to normal.  Other days that nagging sensation returns to the pit of my stomach.  I've purposely not pushed myself for this reason. If I need to take a few days to complete a piece, that's what I do.  I'm being less rigid.

The other reality is that I have a lot of commissions in the queue, and they are top priority.  This time around with the challenge, I'm doing my real work first before diving into the fun 19 Day Painting Challenge.


I really appreciated this prompt, because I have taken the time to explore the female body using my colourful painting style.  This was an opportunity to begin that exploration.

Colours of Motherhood
14" x 18"
$475 + gst


My whole thing is painting with lots of colours, so this one was a real stretch for me. I used only phthalo blue mixed with white for this one.  It was a stretch for me.

I did the main part of the painting (above), then needed to set it aside for a few days, as the bug returned.  The idea of of adding words was sparked by a wonderful story told by guitarist G.E. Smith (former Saturday Night Live band leader) about Bob Dylan and the role that "Pretty Peggy-O" played in getting him a gig on a worldwide tour.  I love how this one turned out.

Bob in Blue
12" x 16"
(canvas prints available upon request)


I loved this prompt because it was so bloody specific.  It was also a subject that I would not otherwise have thought of painting.

Jim Carrey Serious Beard Face
16" x 16"
$500 + gst


Mixed Martial Arts legend Georges St-Pierre announced his retirement on February 21st in Montreal, just a few days before this portrait was done. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in the history of the sport.

Georges St-Pierre
20" x 30"
$750 + gst

Day 5 - GUITAR

A number of months ago, I volunteered at the Lionheart Camp, leading some young people in an exploratory painting workshop.  We ran around the camp snapping pictures of creativity in action.  One of the shots I grabbed was of a young lady beginning to get comfortable playing guitar.  That's the image I gravitated to on the 5th day of the challenge.

Guitar Explorations
16" x 20"
$525 + gst


This 19 day painting journey, inspired by prompts suggested by you, is our major fundraiser of the year for Bracelets For Buildings.  Sale proceeds will be donated to the charity to pay for a house that will be built in early 2020 for a poor family in rural Cambodia.  Depending on the painting that you buy, your purchase will be responsible for 10 to 19-percent of a home for a family likely living in a rickety shelter right now.

You can be a part of creating amazing smiles and new hope.  This is Anne and her children, a year after Bracelets For Buildings built them a new home. 


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