A walk in the country

When it feels like there is nothing else to do, a good walk in the country is the perfect activity. Yesterday's stroll took us down Range Rd 52 to the spot where it detours around a large pond filled with a variety of ducks and birds. By the time we got back, we had logged about 5 kilometres.

It's a country road that gets a fair amount of traffic. So, even though the grader comes by on an almost weekly basis to spread some fresh gravel, there are always packed down paths available to make the walking easer. Choosing the loose gravel sections is much harder to navigate. 

We can see and hear cars coming from far away which gives us plenty of time to get Coco and Shay off the road.

"Off trail," says Heather.

They obediently come and take a break on the grass on the side of the road while the vehicles passes. 

Country life suits the both of them. They can can wander around, chasing squirrels, or each other, to their hearts' content. They also have a strong connection to Corinne and Chris which makes it easier for us to leave them here while we figure things out down south. Coco gravitates to Corinne, always finding her lap when we are sitting around having our morning coffee. Shay always connects more strongly to the males in the room, though her sitting spot when we're starting our day is with Heather on the little sofa. 

We've been hearing sandhill cranes the last couple of weeks, way off in the distance where there is a marshy area. A pair flew over us yesterday. Absolutely beautiful.

The entire time we have been here on the farm, Corinne has been waiting for one particular sunflower plant to open up. After almost four weeks, it is starting to oblige.

We are bathed in wildfire smoke again today. I got up in the middle of the night to pee and came back to bed realizing there was a pervasive campfire smell in the room. It will be so nice when this blows through.

Meanwhile, work continues on our home and studio at SEED Homes in south Calgary. This week the walls will get insulated and closed off. The Pella windows will arrive this week with the doors arriving the week after. By the time we go for a visit at the manufacturing facility on Wednesday, our home will be in the final stages of construction. 


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