Birds at the AirBnB

 While Heather was shopping in the city yesterday, I wandered about the yard at our marvellous AirBnB between De Winton and Okotoks listening for birds. I wondered if I could get pictures of everything that the Merlin ID app picked up.  Here's what I got.

Cedar Waxwing
Ruffed Grouse
American Robin
Waxwing trio
Black-capped Chickadee
White-throated Sparrow

Red-tailed Hawk

Taking pictures of the smaller birds takes patience. They are generally shy and like to stay in the protection of the branches and leaves. However, if you wait long enough, they emerge for fleeting seconds. The cedar waxwings love the very tops of the pine trees. The ruffed grouse was just sitting on the lawn and allowed me to come within six or eight feet of him before flying off. The red-tailed hawks are hard to capture, but beautiful to watch. 

We ventured into town in the afternoon to walk through the Elma Street Arts Walk, an event that we helped organize in years past. It was nice to participate as a visitor for the first time and see the wide variety of art. It was a treat to get a sneak peak at The Duchess on Elma, a British teahouse opening soon. Sherry and Krystof have done an incredible job turning that historic home into a destination business. 


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