The feel of fall


When we left our former home in Okotoks for the final time it was in the middle of summer. Days were hot; nights were warm. That was in late July. It is now the middle of September and the feel of fall is all around us. The leaves are turning bright shades of yellow, gold and orange. Frost warmings are popping up for various parts of Alberta. Mornings are crisp and it is harder to wake up from a deep sleep.

I began this displacement period with a limited amount of clothes. My small suitcase is mostly filled with t-shirts and summer socks. Thankfully the shorts I brought on this adventure transform into pants. Two long sleeve shirts have become coveted, especially early in the morning. I'm at the point where I might go out and buy some warmer full length socks.

I love the autumn and the arrival of cooler weather. I sleep so much better when the oppressive heat of summer dissipates. It's also nice to go through a whole day and not feel hot and sticky.

The SEED Homes team is nearing the finish line on the construction of our home at their manufacturing facility in south Calgary.

The week will end with most of the Trusscore wall panels in place. Insulation will be blown into the underside of the home next week as the structure gets closer and closer to being folded up and made ready for transportation. Once it is out of the shop, fabrication of the studio can proceed. 

In many ways, watching this SEED Home get built is like watching a painting come together. Progress is incremental and the prettiest flourishes always happen near the end. The installation of windows, flooring and appliances will bring everything together.


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