Arrivederci Heather


Heather is doing laps at YYC (Calgary International Airport), breaking in her new shoes in preparation for her 400 km walk from Lucca to Rome, Italy. She flies out in a couple of hours, to Paris and then Milan.

American Goldfinches
House Finch

We checked out of our AirBnB in the country between De Winton and Okotoks this morning. I managed to get a couple a great bird photos before we left though.  

I could see the joy and enthusiasm in Heather's face as we did one final tour of our SEED Home under construction in southeast Calgary. Seeing the kitchen cupboards all installed and the beginning of the Trusscore wall panels going up, you can begin to feel the potential of the home. It is going to be bathed in natural light with bamboo flooring throughout and big windows.

I was delighted to be reminded of the super tall front door. It's hard to tell from this photo, but the main entrance will be about 96", as compared to regular doors which are 80". 

In talking with Jim today, we should see some great progress in the next few days. With the imminent arrival of windows, this construction zone will soon begin to look and feel like a home.

For this next phase, I'll be staying with family in northwest Calgary. I'm deeply grateful to my brother and sister-in-law for providing me with a landing spot. This is officially the longest period of time being out of home. 


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