My return to painting

 Taking six or seven weeks off from an activity that I have done almost every single day for 10 years had an impact on my confidence. I went into this time of transition embracing the fact that I wouldn't be able to pick up a brush for the entire month of August. Originally, I thought being in the new studio and back at the easel by early September was very realistic. However, the Universe had different plans.

Despite the uncertainty in our building timelines, I reached a point mid-summer where I needed to start making commitments. Very quickly, several live painting gigs landed in the calendar, which meant I needed to get resupplied and back into painting mode.

I've set up a temporary painting space in Michael and Kathryn's front room (bless them!). It has really nice light and provides a decent spot to take archival photos, especially in the morning. 

My rolling painting toolbox also serves as a table. A standing lamp provides extra lighting support when I need it. 

I did a 12" x 24" tree painting to get warmed up. I titled it The Magical Forest.

Then did a live painting at the Baby It's Cold Outside gala, a painting that Kolton and Weston Byerley helped me get started the previous weekend. It raised $3,500 for the cause that night. They titled it "A Rooted Past".

I'm several days into doing a 16" x 24" painting of Robert Redford and Paul Newman from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It was important for me to dive into some portrait work as soon as possible. That's a particular skillset that needed to be rekindled. 

I have two additional live painting opportunities in Calgary in the coming week, one of which will feature a Battle of Alberta reunion between Mark Messier and Lanny McDonald. 


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