Almost home

 There is a point in every renovation project when all the messy unseen work is done and the pleasing to look at things get to go in. Think of a bathroom renovation. The majority of the work happens with getting the walls, floor, electrical and plumbing rough-ins done before putting in the cupboards, vanity, lights, tile, tub and toilet. The last part is the most exciting and it takes the least amount of time.

View from the master bedroom

That is where the SEED Homes team is with our 1,200 ft sq bungalow. 

Bluetooth enabled light switches

The Trusscore wall panels are 90-percent complete. The bathrooms are all ready for the finishing flourish. There are even light switches and duplexes ready to go. 

Stackable Washer and Dryer closet

By next week, the structure will really look like a home as it gets staged for photographs and video. As this is the first house to come off the SEED Homes line, it is a HUGE deal for the team. It will help tell their story and inspire others to make this sustainable and more affordable choice. 

Flowing bathroom tile and bamboo flooring

The home is going to be bright with lots of windows, white Trusscore walls and ceiling, bright bamboo floors and flowing and stylish tile in the bathrooms. Heather and I have always been enamoured with light. It is the most important feature in a home to us. This structure is going to have an abundance of light...balanced by the warmth of furniture, appliances, artwork, and area rugs.

The engineering for the DSSP (Development Site Servicing Plan) has been submitted to the town. Once that gets approved, the regulatory side of things should start to move, like how my body reacts after a couple cups of coffee in the morning. I can't tell you how happy we will be when the DSSP and DP (Development Permit) get approved. Heather and I will drink a toast, though separated by about 8,500 km. She is still in Italy walking from Lucca to Rome.

If everything goes swimmingly, we may have a house in place in High River by Thanksgiving. However, if there is one thing we've learned through this process it is to not get married to dates. They can change on a dime. 


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