Painting birches

 I had a single 12" x 24" canvas arrive out of the blue from one of our suppliers - a back ordered item that showed up several months after the original order. I had been feeling that it would be my first acrylic painting after this very long period of not producing anything. 

In addition to wanting to get back into the flow of things, I wanted to go through the process of doing a whole painting to identify my supply gaps. What paints, brushes or tools am I missing? I needed to find out before doing my first live painting event this coming weekend? I made one trip to the store yesterday; I may make another before I feel confidently supplied. 

I started by laying down some colours in the garage, where I could manage a few errant drops that went flying. I then used my edging tool to create the unique colourful background, using lots of early autumn colours. 

My inspiration for this painting was the patch of forest at the back of the acreage we stayed at for a week between De Winton and Okotoks. I used what I was seeing in this photo I took as inspiration for the trees and branches.

I stepped away from the painting around mid-afternoon as the temperature started to climb. I don't like painting when I feel hot and muggy. For that reason, morning painting will be preferred while I am here. 

"Here" is at my brother and sister-in-law's house in northwest Calgary. Several paintings were done here back in 2016 when we were evacuated from Fort McMurray.

In fact, one of the paintings I did at that time and in this place played a significant role in my art career, as it was featured on the national news at the time. I had done a portrait of Fire Chief Darby Allen which went viral.

How long I will be here is still a question. I am hoping that by the time Heather returns from Italy we'll have a house on our land in High River. However, if there is one thing I've learned in this process, it is to not get married to dates. They can easily change. 


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