Moving bricks

 When Heather and her brother were small, their dad paid them 5-cents for every brick they moved from one place to the other. By my calculation, Heather moved 500 to 600 bricks from their palettes, which the Highway 9 driver had placed on the sidewalk as near to our lot as he could get, to their storage spot on the corner of our lot. She didn't get paid 5-cents per brick this time, instead she became flush with the satisfaction of having checked a pretty big item off her list.

The 1,400 bricks are now neatly piled up in a corner of the yard where they will not get in the way of the upcoming construction. They will wait there until spring at which point they will be used for landscaping elements. 

At SEED Homes in southeast Calgary, our home has been successfully folded in preparation for its journey down the highway to High River, likely in and around November 27th. Next it will be wrapped and positioned in the yard while it waits for its big day.

We also received word that the contractor doing the major site preparation work will begin cutting into the asphalt tomorrow and digging on Monday. They will need two or three days and then another company will come in to install all the screw piles required for the house and studio.

We're not the only ones waiting. People who follow us drive by the lot on a fairly regular bases hoping to see some activity. All they have seen for three months is the "coming soon" sign which will soon be removed and replaced with trucks, shovels, and deep holes in the ground. 

It felt very satisfying doing some work at the lot. With the bricks neatly out of the way and the rest of the assorted patio furniture stacked, we are ready for the real action. Very soon our empty lot will become a construction zone, and not a moment too soon. 


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