Travellin' Greb


I met Sandy MacDonald seven years ago. His friends had arranged for me to do a memorial portrait of Winky as a surprise gift.
Of all the surprise presentations we did in the original Birdsong Studio in Fort McMurray, this was one of the most touching. Sandy was so deeply moved by the gesture of love by his friends. That, as the saying goes, was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Sandy and Winky, and now Greb, are avid supporters of the SPCA. Over the years they have raised over $210,000 for this very special organization. Early on, Sandy and I hatched the idea of doing limited edition prints of some of the paintings I have done to raise even more money.

Winky and Greb have a huge fan base that stretches across Canada and deep into America. When Sandy goes on his epic road trips, he is never alone. His sideman always travels with him in a sidecar. They stop at many points along the way, share their story and make new friends. That is how these limited edition prints get scooped up and sent to communities near and far. 

"Travellin' Greb" is the latest one, celebrating some of the places Greb and Sandy have been on their adventures, with a nod to the late Winky on the front of the side car. Stay tuned for how you can purchase your limited edition print and support their efforts to make a positive difference in the world. 


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