When the porta pottie arrives

 Heather and I drove out to our High River lot on Saturday and found a whole bunch of equipment staged on our land. Blackie Site Works, based out of Aldersyde, are all set up and ready to start the big dig. They've even cut into the asphalt where they need to dig down about three metres to tie into the sewer and water mains. 

Placed on the southwest corner of the lot was a single porta-potty, a sign that things are really going to start to move. 

Screw piles are scheduled to be installed by Friday the 24th which means that all the underground work needs to be completed by that time. The screw piles take the place of a concrete foundation and will allow the home and studio to sit about half a metre above the ground. 

Meanwhile, back at the SEED Homes facility, the home is being wrapped and ready for the trip down the highway, likely on Monday the 27th. 


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