Our long journey nears its end


Our SEED Home is going to be lifted by crane and placed on 16 engineered screw piles on Monday. I was out at the site earlier today to see the screw pile crew's progress. 
These oversized screws are drilled down into the earth until they are snuggly set, probably about 10 feet. Tomorrow, each pile will be cut and capped in preparation for the arrival of our home.

A lot of progress has been made this week, including the essential underground work to bring water and sewer services to the house and Birdsong Studio. Electrical conduit was also buried underground in preparation for tapping into the electrical grid.

Everything seems so real now, and in a way, so simple. There has been so much planning, engineering and permitting required to get to this place. 

The 1,200 sq ft house was lifted up by hydraulic jacks in the SEED Homes manufacturing facility in southeast Calgary early today. A truck was carefully backed up into the bay and the house lowered. It is ready for its short trip to its permanent home at 36 4th Avenue SE in High River. 


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