Our lot is now serviced

 One of the things we wish we knew at the outset of this moving process was that the lots we purchased were unserviced. If we knew that and the cost and time implications of getting that work done BEFORE closing the deal, we likely would have made a different decision. However, the lack of service turned out to be a surprise to us all. 

The contractor (Blackie Site Works) began their work in earnest on Tuesday morning and by the time we arrived around 1:30 pm, the tie-ins to both the water and sewer mains were done. The worker inside the small hole on 4th Avenue SE was laying down sheets of insulation in preparation for the back filling which likely will happen today.  A single metal pipe rose from the bottom of the pit up to the sidewalk level: the curb valve. 

This contractor also has the job of running the sewer and water lines underground to the locations of the home and studio buildings. The foreman felt that they might get all of that done yesterday. We'll likely drive in and see later today. 

Once all the pipes and conduit have been laid, all the holes will get filled and the road and sidewalk repaired. At that point, the DSSP (Deep Services Site Plan) will be complete. 

The next project will be the installation of all the screw piles, 16 for the house and 12 for the studio. These will be individually screwed into the ground in spots that have been marked on the lot since late summer. The house, when it arrives on Monday morning, November 27th, will be lifted off the truck with a crane and placed on the appropriate screw piles that will be sitting roughly half a metre off the ground.

We will get up nice and early on Monday to witness the arrival, placing and unfolding of the house. There is a lot of interest in the process from people across the country. Anticipation is building at SEED Homes as they near the completion of their first home. This company has made a significant investment in the affordable housing business and has caught the attention of communities near and far with their innovative approach. 


  1. I will be there on Monday and Tuesday too! So exciting to see the vision become a reality


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