Painting Gnomes


My gnome painting series began with a suggestion from my sister Corinne, who is also an avid blogger. I would highly recommend following her as she shares tidbits and insights about her creative life on the "farm" near Sexsmith, Alberta: The Craftiest Workshop blog.

"Why don't you paint a Christmas gnome?" she asked.

"What the hell is a Christmas gnome?" I asked back.

She shared with me a couple of examples. 

I then painted Fergus, followed by Bink, Reggie, Wannabe, Klyde, Borealis, and Wiggy. All of a sudden, I had a gnome series with wonderful names suggested by my niece Kristina and others. The paintings sold immediately to home across Canada and the USA and people started ordering prints. 

This all happened in 2021. In 2022, I got swept away with Christmas commissions and just couldn't find the time nor the inspiration to create any new gnomes. 

2023 proved to be different as I was invited to do a gnome painting workshop at the Airdrie Public Library. In order to prepare to lead that experience I needed to get back into the gnome painting groove.

I have successfully completed three new paintings: Atticus, TikTok and Axolot. A fourth gnome painting is currently in progress with more to come. I'm also looking to create one in collaboration with an artist down in Venezuela.

There is only one original from this series currently available: TikTok, which happens to be one of my favourites. However, you can order any in the series as 8" x 24" gallery canvas prints. Custom orders are available at 25 percent off here:

Custom prints arrive fully stretched and ready to display or gift in about two weeks from our amazing printer in Toronto. They are wonderful treasures to bring out during the holiday season, inspiring smiles and conversations for generations. 


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