Being Blake Crossley

The television was choosing not to cooperate on the treadmill this morning. So my entertainment was left to the music on my iPod -- a playlist containing Bob and Jakob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Paul Simon -- and my reflection on the blank screen in front of me.

As I ran, I was focused on not pushing things too far as the muscle thing in my left calf was still there and screaming bloody murder the faster I went. Finding the tolerable speed, I swung my arms with purpose realizing that I was beginning to feel the runner's high, wishing my injury was gone so that I could go faster, longer.

I imagined I was Blake Crossley as I tried to work through the pain. Blake is a long distance runner and humanitarian, also a colleague at Keyano College, who is in training for his winter run from Fort McMurray to Fort Chipewyan, often seen dragging a tire behind him to increase his stamina. He has overcome personal health challenges and successfully navigated the work and home life balance to achieve his dreams. Ironically, my first memory of being in a gym includes Blake, who I didn't know at the time very well, cycling to beat the band.

As an actor I know the value of imagining you are someone else, that strategy appears to work in the gym, too. Thanks Blake.

January 24, 2010 - 199.2 pounds, 29.4% body fat


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