You Are What You Eat

Prior to starting this battle of the bulge, I ate whatever my stomach and nose led me to, with no care in the world what it was doing to my body. In all honesty, outside of a few Lindor chocolates, one plate of fries at Mac Island and a delicious meal at The Keg, I've been good.

Today might have been an exception. And it's not like I was bad, but looking back on toast for breakfast, a Subway flatbread concoction for lunch and pizza for dinner, my body has been invaded by the thing Guru insisted is one of the most important things to avoid -- processed grains (ie. flour, bread, dough, etc.). I feel bloated and rather...uughh (is that a word?).

I'm drinking water, lots and lots of water, more than I've ever had before. I know this is good, and I see the difference in the body fat percentage reading. After a workout, I crave it, and can't wait to grab my little water glass in my office and fill 'er up. Water has suddenly replaced both coffee and beer as my beverage of choice, the alcohol industry thrust into a sudden tailspin.

We just booked our first tropical holiday for early April, a full week in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I'm more excited about the turquoise water and white sand beaches than the low priced cerveza -- now there's a change! I need to keep on my program so I can toss my oversized knee length trunks for something more revealing and snug, more conducive to sun worshipping. I can see it in my mind, and if I can see it, it will be so. I think Spock said that.

January 12, 2010 - 204.2 pounds, 28.3% body fat


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