Hearts in Haiti

The thoughts of the world are focused on Haiti tonight as this impoverished nation digs out from a devastating earthquake. One moment it was a tranquil Tuesday afternoon, the next a terrifying melee with mother nature, as buildings crumbled and destruction settled on Port-au-Prince, a city of nearly two million souls.

Following on much maligned reactions to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the world seems to be responding quickly and appropriately to this unfathomable tragedy.

Dylan and I listened to the coverage on CBC Radio as we made the long drive back to Fort McMurray early this morning, soaking in painful accounts of dying children, collapsed hospitals and millions forced into the streets, homeless, hungry and thirsty. My heart ached as we listened to the statement from Governor General Michaelle Jean. Originally from Haiti, her connections to that nation are many and deeply personal, as her voice cracked, tears flowed and her heart cried out.

The Haitian tragedy was punctuated by a loss closer to home. A member of our Keyano family is with the angels today after an inspiring life and a courageous battle with cancer. When told by her doctors that she had only a few months left, she said "No! I choose to live." And live she did, for much longer than they thought possible, and with more verve and gumption than most of us show in an entire lifetime.

The last time I saw Jan was at the Keyano College Foundation Gala on November 7th. Sparkling, smiling, and wearing a stunning dress, she chose to squeeze every last breath out of the life that she was given.

I thought about the people of Haiti and of Jan as I went up and down our basement stairs about 30 times. With Heather off to Edmonton for a few days of massage training, I realized that getting to the gym would be an impossibility, as I have to watch the boys. So, I decided to improvise. Some stairs, some core exercises, some stretches and all is good.

January 14, 2010 - 203.2 pounds, 29.3% body fat


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