Clothes Are Heavy

I have learned something valuable these last few days: that clothes are heavy. My advice is to find a private spot, close the blinds and the door, and strip down to your underwear or down to nothing before stepping on the scale -- in my case it meant a three or four pound difference.

It was great to hang out at The Craze for a few hours on New Year's eve, seeing many old friends and the excitement and anticipation of all the young people. I raced home before the 6 pm fireworks, completely avoiding the traffic nightmare that would have followed. My brother in law and his family had arrived midafternoon and I was anxious to visit and spend some quality baby time with my six month old neice.

If anything, the day was a good excuse to eat and drink a little more than my self-imposed regimen suggests. A great lasagna dinner was followed with yummy finger foods, baked in luscious fatty oils and packed with preservatives. Oh, the wicked web we weave.

January 1, 2010 - 206 pounds, 30.4% body fat


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