Working Out Memories

Long before we built the Syncrude Sport & Wellness Centre at Keyano we had a tiny workout room that once served as a racquetball court. For those keeping score, that space is now our Human Resources department.

The room had three or four treadmills, an equal amount of elliptical trainers, a rowing machine and a couple of stationary bikes. It was a good space to work up a sweat.

I can't remember what inspired me to begin working out back then. Looking back in my journal it might have been the news of a higher than healthy cholesterol count, but I'm not sure. In any case, I began going on a daily basis, starting with the treadmill and working my way to the elliptical trainer as my knees began aching. I felt good and I kept at it.

We received word that our access to the workout facilities would be curtailed during the 2004 Arctic Winter Games and that two week banishment was enough to kill my momentum. I have not had a single workout since. Almost six years later, OMG where did the time go, and I'm committed in my schedule to an initial Monday, Wednesday, Friday routine -- mostly in the lunch hour and sometimes early in the morning when lunch is booked with something else.

Oddly enough, the one question zooming through my head is "what will I wear?" Stupid, eh? Truthfully though, I don't even own a pair of gym appropriate pants, the only pair I had ripped apart about six months ago which should have been a sign that action was required.

So, today my task is to get some workout wear so that tomorrow I can begin the exercise portion of this thing.

January 3, 2010 - 206.02 pounds, 30.9 % body fat


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