OMG! I Can See My Belt

As my girth expanded through November and December there were two irrefutable things that were concurrently happening, first, my belt was falling into the shadow of the bulge, and second, my pants were becoming more difficult to button up. These two facts alone should have been enough to spark me into action, or at least reaction. But no, I just smiled and wished my belt the very best as it disappeared beyond the horizon.

I will soon achieve my first milestone, discovering the land that lies below 200 pounds. It could happen as early as tomorrow morning. The pants are fitting better, though still not as appropriately as they once did, and the belt is slowly coming into view. Overall, I have this feeling of not being full, rather, satisfied, hydrated, and way more comfortable.

While watching the numbers on the scale go down, I find I'm more motivated by feeling better, more at ease in my own skin. Writing this daily blog helps tremendously as it keeps the middle age bulge at the forefront of my mind. While I used to mindlessly consume to my stomach's content, I now give consumption serious consideration, and when I do indulge, it is purposeful and in a state of instant forgiveness.

January 20, 2010 - 200.4 pounds, 30.4 % body fat


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