Finding Balance

Several years ago, in the face of growing health concerns, my wife began making changes in her life including the study of yoga, reiki and most recently, massage therapy. When we met back in April 2001, she was the most pragmatic person you can imagine, practical, rational to a fault. Today she is highly spiritual and has achieved an enviable life balance.

Last January, we turned the old basement rec room into the Ananda Center for Balance. Yoga and massage clients come and go throughout the day enjoying Heather's healing touch and inspiring teaching.

Up until last night, I had only been on the table once. But my limp was becoming more pronounced and the knot in my calf muscle didn't seem to be going away. So I took my turn face down into the crescent shaped head holder of the massage table.

As the soft guitar music soothed the air in the warm space, I drifted off into my thoughts while Heather started on the good leg. That part felt pretty good. Then she turned her attention to the gimpy left leg. Pressure on the knot, gliding up and down the muscle, then shaking the whole leg gently -- back and forth, up and down, kneading and coaxing the muscle back into form.

Relaxed beyond measure, I imagined running along the Clearwater, fishing on the Snye and lounging on the beach in Mexico -- my happy places. It was the deepest sense of contentment and meditation that I've felt in a long time.

"OK, we're done," she said, as I languidly gathered my senses and got to my feet. While my leg was still sore, it was about 75% less sore than it was about 45 minutes earlier -- time well spent, healing well given.

You should call up Heather and take your turn on the table, if only to spend a few precious moments in your happy place.

January 25, 2010 - 198.0 pounds, 29.9% body fat


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