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The Middle Age Bulge blog, started on December 26, 2009 with Where did those 10 pounds come from?, is quickly approaching 20,000 page views.  Can you believe that?  Can you help me understand what a "page view" is?

Honestly, I was pretty convinced that only a small handful of people were looking at my blogs and only 'whenever they got around to it', a loyal 25 folks who were public "followers".  That number has made a quantum leap to 30 as of this morning.

I had my first indication that there were far more people looking at my musings when I got an email out of the blue from a company interested in advertising.

Why? I typed in response.  I only have 28 followers.  That's not a very big audience.

Well, you actually have a Google promo rating of 2, she replied.

And does that pretty much suck?  I asked.

No, actually that's a pretty good rating.  It suggests that you have good content and no spam.

Hey, thanks!

It was shortly after that, back in January, that I realized that the blog dashboard offers statistics as to how many people are viewing my content, how they found me, what kind of web browser they are using, and where they come from in the world.  Crazy!  At that point, I was stunned to see that over 11,000 page views had occurred since I began this literary journey.  Holy smokes!

What is the most viewed blog post?  Christmas Eve is number one, hands down.  I'm not sure what the attraction is to this particular post or what Google search results are bringing viewers to this piece from India, Russia, Australia and everywhere in between.

The total number of posts is getting close to 300.  I started writing every day for the first several weeks, but as time marched on it became more difficult to maintain that pace.  Now, I probably average three or four submissions per week.  I mostly write in the morning, when my brain is the most agile, though once in awhile inspiration will strike at night.

The Middle Age Bulge provides a public road map of my private life.  Everything is safe to share and easily consumable, but behind the words, phrases and metaphors are hidden cues that will hopefully spark many interesting memories years from now.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Cute.... not many are capable of artsy thinking aloud like u!


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