What were they remembering?

"Osama is dead.  Osama is dead," repeated CNN's John King about 20 minutes after word of the terrorist's assassination circled the globe.

Did we mention Osama is dead?

It was repeated over and over again on the air, online, in our conversations and in our thoughts.

On Twitter, Michael Moore, famed commentator, documentary filmmaker, and writer suggested a moment of silence for all the victims of 9/11.  I thought that was an appropriate response.

But as crowds gathered outside, celebrating and screaming "USA, USA" I was taken back to that fateful September day 10 years ago, not only remembering the falling buildings and the fallen, but also recalling images of people in the Middle East gathered outside, celebrating and screaming.  What were they remembering?

Death is a serious business and for me, last night felt too much like the end of a football game.  Osama Bin Laden is dead, and after the terrible deeds he did, this is a good thing.  Justice has been served.  I just would have preferred solemnity and seriousness to jubilation.

Osama Killed in Mansion Outside Islamabad

Osama Shot in the Head

Osama Buried at Sea

Which headline seems a little out of place to you?

I get CNN Breaking News emails, and they arrived in rapid succession last night and into this morning.  This one came in at 1:08 am.

One word instantly popped into my head.

Prayers and thoughts to all the victims of this terrorist, to their families and friends who remember and feel loss every single day.  May peace be now with you.


  1. Same sentiments here Russell. Why can't we just live together in peace here on this small ball in the immensely big universe...

  2. America's games are mostly indecipherable to common people anyway... So I really don't know what to believe....


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