Ideal Protein, Week Eight

My extremities are colder than they were.  I no longer feel compelled to nap after lunch.  My only indulgence is a good cup of coffee.  These are three of the changes that have taken root in my life over these past eight weeks.

Outside of a small sip of champagne at the Oilsands Banquet last week I have not had any alcohol.  If it's not water nor coffee, I don't drink it.  Cheese and bread are forgotten memories as is struggling to bend down to tie my shoes.

I've changed in two months.  The journey that I started on August 27th feels like a blur, an instant, a passing moment.  I've gone from this:

To this:

Even last night, at the 10th Annual Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo staff recognition awards banquet several people came up saying they hardly recognized me.  I got the sense they were avoiding asking the question or commenting for fear that it was an illness that caused the weight loss.

I drink lots and lots of water, and subsequently need to take a lot more walks to the washroom.  Salads and veggies have become my friends and my evening Ideal Protein vanilla pudding snack has grown into something I covet.

I don't mind talking about the program or the impact it has had on my life.  People are genuinely curious as to how one loses almost 30 pounds in a couple of months with what I feel has been little to no effort.  It was a simply a decision (and a determination) to change.  My life turned on a dime.

Today I shift from Phase 2 to Phase 3, on the second to last leg of my Ideal Protein journey with BACK on TRACK with BARB.  I'm going to have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner as a pauper.  In this phase, which lasts two weeks, I get to reintroduce carbs and calories, and transition into a new way of eating that is designed to keep the weight off and facilitate a sustainable healthy life.

I'm glad, because this week I did two things that require me to keep the weight off.  First of all, I bought a tuxedo, which was not inexpensive and has been altered to fit the new me.  Secondly, I took all my old dress pants in to get adjusted to fit my newly sculpted waistline.  In other words, reverting back would not only be depressing on my psyche it would be depressing on my wallet.

As I'm heading toward the maintenance phase I'm thinking of the growing number of my friends and acquaintances who are on their own Ideal Protein path, confident in the knowledge that they will achieve success just like so many others.


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