Ideal Protein, Week Nine

Week nine!  Good God almighty, where did the time go?  It seems like yesterday that I started my Ideal Protein journey, and as Leroy Van Wieren said the other day, I'm half the man I was.  Of course, that's a gross exaggeration but I'm certainly less robust and a little lighter on my toes.

I'm half way through Phase 3 of the program, that stage in the process where we eat breakfast like a king.  Today I had half of a grapefruit, two slices of toast and butter, two eggs and three slices of turkey bacon.  I would guess that for a lot of people that would be a huge meal to start the day.  I'm quite enjoying it.

They warned me to expect a little bit of a weight gain in this phase of the program, somewhere between 2 and 5 pounds.  The scale pinned me at 178.4 this morning - I started at 207 lbs on August 27 - a small increase of 2.6 lbs over the low water mark from last week.  More importantly, all my body measurements held steady.  In fact, I actually lost a little bit around my waist.

It really feels like I'm in a new groove, where this way of eating and living has taken root.  I look forward to my fresh (and usually raw) vegetables at lunch time with a modest amount of protein, drizzled with a little olive oil and sea salt.  I quite enjoy the smaller portions that are dished out at suppertime.

This blog diary is not only being followed by others on the program and some who want to be, but I found out earlier this week that it's even being read by some who went through the program a number of years ago.  I really appreciated hearing from a colleague at a recent Chamber of Commerce luncheon who came over to let me know that he's been following, and enjoying the memories that have been rekindled by my weekly updates.  Thanks John.

By the sharing of our stories and our successes others are being inspired to make positive changes in their lives, whether through the Ideal Protein program or otherwise.  The choice that my friend Warren made to explain why he looked so bloody healthy sparked something in me that was unexpected and transformative.

If you are reading this and are feeling a little helpless about your inability to manage your weight, don't despair.  No matter whether you want to lose 20 pounds or 200 pounds, there is hope.  I can only speak about the Ideal Protein program, as it's done wonders for me, but ultimately, it's about making a choice to change for the better, and for ever.  It goes without saying that you need to be ready to make that choice.  But if you have the courage and the fortitude, a healthier body is within your reach right now.

My journey started with a consult at BACK on TRACK with BARB in the River City Centre, formerly the Plaza II Mall in Fort McMurray.  They explained the science behind the program, set me up with all the supplies, and I was off to the races.  Nine weeks around the track, and I'm a new man.


  1. Well said, Russell. As someone who had her own weight loss journey I know that there is always hope! Congratulations on your success.


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