Ideal Protein, Week Seven

I look at the chart that captures my Ideal Protein progress and I can't help but smile.  After 7 full weeks and I'm down over 26 pounds.

"I hope you're not shy," I said, as I jumped out of my heavy jeans for a second try at today's measurement at BACK on TRACK with BARB.   The first one was only down a half pound from the previous week.

"Ahhh, that's better."

Without pants I was at a pleasing 181.2 pounds.  Then Barb had me go on the big scale which clocked me in a few ounces lighter.  More importantly, the read-out once again showed that I was in the healthy range across the board.

My TBW (total body water) percentage was 55.4 percent.  My visceral fat rating was 8 with my metabolic age pinned at 35. For the record, I'm 44 years old.

As I plow into the second week of Phase 2, I'm looking ahead to the all-important Phase 3 and the start of gargantuan breakfasts, complete with meat, eggs, fruit, yogurt and toast.

"I get to have TOAST!!!!" I sang in an operatic voice at the dinner table tonight, sharing my excitement with my family.  Have I mentioned how much I love bread?

Perhaps in celebration, certainly in necessity, I went out and ordered a tuxedo.  In my professional roles, I often have need of dressing fancy and with the pounds and inches down to where I want them to be, it seemed like the right time to take the penguin suit plunge.  The fact that the Keyano College Foundation Gala is coming up was also a strong motivator.

The only conundrum I have with this weight loss is what to do with all my clothes that are way too big.  Heather says she can bring in the pants that matter, so that is good.  I suspect that I'll have to ramp up the frequency of my trips to the men's wear store in the coming weeks.

I appreciate all the words of support and encouragement through all of this, and your indulgence in allowing me to write about it once a week.  I feel it's important to capture this journey in real-time, as I'm sure I'll want to look back years from now and remember this particular patch of time.  It's been pretty special.


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