Ideal Protein, Week Ten

At times, the far reaches of my fingers are so cold I have to run a hot bath to coax them back to warmth.  Cold appendages seem to be the only down side of this weight loss, which, even after Phase 3, has leveled out at about 30 pounds.

What does 30 pounds look like?  I'm not really sure if you could find an image that would communicate the feeling of that much weight.

How about this analogy.  My weight loss over the past 10 weeks would feel like carrying just over three and a half 4-litre containers of milk.  Heavy!

As of this morning, I've pseudo graduated, now into the fourth and final phase of the Ideal Protein program.  How long does this phase last?  Well, according to the handout the answer is:  "for life."

And while I dreamed about the "cheat days" - outlined as a mandatory component to a successful maintenance program - when I first began this journey, indulging in the old ways holds little currency for me now.  I'm not sure if that's the fear of weight gain talking or the fear of feeling crappy after chomping into a greasy burger and plate of crispy yam fries.  In any case, one cheat day a week is not only recommended, it is absolutely essential.

My craving for bright, crisp vegetables has never been greater than it is right now.  My lust for cheese and deep fried goodies has never been lower.

I enjoyed the 2011 Gala with my stunningly beautiful wife Heather last night.  I drank water and had one helping of frog legs, a delicacy I've never tried before.

"Tastes like chicken!" declared a new friend named George, smiling, as I wiped the errant strand of frog meat from my chin.

We came home and watched our next episode from Season Six of Weeds while I chomped on my Ideal Protein barbecue chips and nursed one more glass of water.

I know, I've become a rather boring sot.  But getting on the scale this morning and seeing the lowest reading to date (175 lbs), I'm smiling and fully prepared for my first cheat day.


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