My mornings

I start waking up shortly after 5 a.m. By that time of the night I'm sleeping on my right side with a perfect view of my small clock radio and visual confirmation of the time.  I refuse to get up before 6 a.m. so I fall back to sleep once, twice, thrice, before the hour finally turns over.

There are three things that get me moving in the morning.  First, the thought of getting on the weigh scale and finding out where I am to start the day is always first - well, that is after more pressing business is taken care of.  Second, I scan the online world to see what there is to know, learn and ultimately, to share.  Third, I make myself some coffee with my bodum.  It's quick, fresh and just the right amount.

These are the things that coax me from the covers and into the new day.  How about you?

This is the quotidian portion of my life: the boring, the predictable, the habitual.  This is the hour in the day that is mine and mine alone.  Ben is usually the first to rise, but usually not before 7 a.m. Dylan's radio starts a few minutes later.  Heather is always the last to get up, enjoying her early morning REM sleep period.

The weigh scale said 176 lbs, a drop of 3 overnight, and equal to my previous low water mark.  That's pretty impressive weight loss, but likely related to the several trips I took to the washroom in the middle of the night.  I scanned the internet - Facebook, Twitter, Fort McMurray Today - noticed that Education Minister Thomas Lukaszak was spending the night volunteering at a casino.  I tried to think of something to say but came up empty.  A very busy minister still giving back - I think that's very cool.  Saw a lot of costumes, parents capturing pictures of their kids, adults dressed to the nines intent on reverting back to childhood, and quite a few impressive pumpkins.

My pattern has changed a little bit in recent weeks as the Fort McMurray Today has moved to a morning release.  The digital edition is uploaded and ready for me to view by the time I wake up.  If there are stories or pictures to share I do one of two things.  I either share a link to the story via Twitter or go through the long, slow process of making a pdf of the page and creating an image file to share online.

Today, I grabbed the front page image of Mayor Melissa Blake helping to launch this year's poppy campaign with local members of the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 165: Jack Avery, Tom Weber (former Councillor) and Harvey Tulk (Leadership Wood Buffalo grad).  Carol Christian captured a great image here and it is worth sharing.

Time is marching along and I need to rouse the boys, finish making my hearty Ideal-Protein-approved breakfast and lunches and get dressed.

My mornings.


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