iPhone 4s upgrade to iOS 6.1.3 battery drain

It became clear to me that I had a significant and draining issue with my iPhone 4s during a recent power outage at Keyano College.  With no access to a working wall socket, I became acutely aware of how quickly my phone was descending into the red zone.  I was losing as much as 10% every 30 minutes.

I tried everything I had ever heard about to reduce the power draw: lowering the brightness, turning off WiFi, and shutting down programs running in the background.  Nothing I did helped.  I was forced to run out to my car and give it a boost of life using the adapter I keep handy for those long driving trips just to function, as the power outage ended up lasting almost 12 hours.

Earlier today, I checked in with my social media friends and got several ideas to try, none of which had a noticeable impact on how quickly the device was losing its strength.

At some point, I realized that the problems started almost immediately after I upgraded to iOS 6.1.3.  After a few Google searches, it was obvious that I was not alone, and that this battery draining issue is pretty common and that Apple has not arrived at a fix.

Based on some keen insights from my friend Toddske, the issue appears to be connected to the communication between the iPhone and the Exchange server back at the office.  My wife, who also has an iPhone 4s upgraded to iOS 6.1.3 but doesn't connect to an Exchange server, has absolutely no issues.

The Fix:  I went into the settings and made one small adjustment.  Instead of checking for emails constantly, I set it to check every 15 minutes.  The battery has not lost a single percentage of power in the last 60 minutes.

Is it perfect?  No, because this battery drain did not occur with the original operating system.  My hope is that Apple finds a fix and sends it out with their next update.  For now, I can live with only getting an onslaught of emails every quarter of an hour, as opposed to every minute of the day.

Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas.  The prize goes to Toddske for getting to the root of the problem.


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Select Fetch New Data
  4. Turn Push to "Off"
  5. Select Every 15 Minutes


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