Leaving the nest

I start my new job next week, which means that for the first time in 14 years, I am leaving the digital nest of the college.  My level of anxiety has been quite pronounced this week trying to prepare a new digital communications infrastructure in anticipation of this new phase in my career.

I've been here before, many times, transitioning from one job to the next, but it's been 14 years since the last one from the OK Radio Group to Keyano.  That was April of 1999 - pre-Y2K - back when Internet and email communication were in their infancy.  My digital life was the least of my concerns.

So much of the work I have done at Keyano resides within and connected to this little black box that I'm typing on right now.  Within its reach are digital memories, myriad scraps of data that tell a story of my professional and community life.

My transition has begun in earnest, starting with the purchase of my own iPhone, which will serve as my main point of connection for Arts Council Wood Buffalo until such time that we have permanent digs and a land line.

I've also begun moving my calendar and contact info into the Google environment, where I can safely access it from any of my mobile devices.  It will feel strange not playing in the Outlook sandbox after over a decade, but I'm ready to try.

Next will be the purchase of a MacBook Pro, which will quickly become my digital dashboard for the excitement and world of possibility that lies ahead.

With those two pieces of equipment fully functional, I will begin to feel like that dazed little birdie that hit our front window the other day, as it began to regain its footing and prepared to fly again.

People have been so kind in their comments, without exception.  There seems to be an overwhelming recognition that this is a job that is perfectly suited to my experience, skill set and sensibility.  I've heard from many old friends and colleagues from all over North America in that last day and a half, sharing their congratulations and encouragement.  I've been emboldened by each and every connection, conversation, tweet and like.  Thank you.

In the incubation phase of my new role here are my new main points of contact:

Russell Thomas
Executive Director (interim)
Arts Council Wood Buffalo
Twitter: @rvthomas67
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rvthomas67

I hope you enjoy the flight!


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