The beat of a generation

I met with Marty Giles at North Star Ford Lincoln about doing the Motown Series just over a month ago.  We walked around the new Motown Delivery Lounge and looked at offices with bare walls where paintings of Motown greats needed to go.  I think the range we talked about way back in the beginning was 9 to 11 pieces.

"The event is on June 27th," he said.  "Oh yah, but I'll need them done a few days before that, so let's just say the 24th."

Did I honestly think I would get 9 to 11 pieces done in a month?  No.  Did Marty think I would get 9 to 11 pieces done in a month?  Probably not.  He was reaching for the stars and hoping for the moon.

We were both wrong.  Today is June 24th, and I'll be delivering the final three pieces in this unique collection of 13 portraits that will help define the space and the experience of the North Star Ford Lincoln Motown Delivery Lounge.

Here they are:

Stevie Wonder, 24" x 36"
The Supremes, 36" x 48"
Marvin Gaye, 24" x 36"
The Jackson 5, 24" x 48"
Diana Ross, 24" x 36"
Michael Jackson, 24" x 36"
The Temptations, 36" x 48"
Smokey Robinson, 24" x 36"
Aretha Franklin, 36" x 36"
Lionel Ritchie, 24" x 48"
Gladys Knight, 24" x 24"
The Motown Collection, 36" x 36"
Berry Gordy, 24" x 24"
My deepest thanks to Marty and Dennine Giles and the staff at North Star Ford Lincoln for putting their confidence in me and giving original art a place in their world-class dealership.  


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