Giving time, raising time

Later today, I will pack up my paints, brushes and easel and head over to Shell Place to do a live painting as part of FuseSocial's annual Timeraiser.  This is a unique art event where patrons bid with their volunteer time, rather than money, on a variety of pieces that have been selected for the exhibit.  It's such a great concept.  It's also wonderful because the artists get paid for their work.

I was invited to do a live painting that celebrates volunteerism and giving back.  We took suggestions over the last month as to what subject would be a good choice.  After much reflection, with the intention that we want the painting to have as wide an appeal as possible, I've made my decision.  I was driving down to Calgary to support The Gordie Howe Centre for Alzheimer's Research and Education Society when I finally landed on it.

The person I will bring to life on the canvas embodied a number of different things. This individual was determined to give back and make a difference. At times, it wasn’t easy, but they persevered and kept focused on their goal. Like many other community causes, they couldn’t do it alone. They relied on the generosity, kindness and participation of many others. In the process, they sacrificed much, inspired many, and reminded all of us that no dream is too big. This volunteer story didn’t have a fairy tale ending, but the impact of this person lingers on because of their spirit, determination and heart.

Who do you think it will be?


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