5 Minutes

In addition to donating a portion of each workshop participation fee to Bracelets 4 Buildings, one other new thing that we are doing is playing the "5 Minute" game.  I have my friend Taylor Donald to thank for the latter.  He spent hours with me in the studio a number of years ago.  On one of his early projects, he hit the proverbial wall and wanted to cover up his canvas with white and start again.

"No, no no," I said.  "What if I helped for five minutes?"

"Really?" he said.  "You'd do that."


He grabbed his stopwatch, I grabbed my paints and brushes. 

"Go!" he said.

Edward Scissorhands (99% Taylor Donald, 1% Russell Thomas)

Pablo Picasso (99% Taylor Donald, 1% Russell Thomas)

Five minutes of a few minor adjustments was all he needed to begin to see the beauty in his painting. 

I've done two small workshops in Birdsong Studio with this offer on the table over the past week.  Every participant has taken advantage of it, usually in the final half-hour of the painting process.  I don't do much, a few black lines here or some white highlights there, but it's been enough to make a difference.

If you're interested in joining us for an intimate workshop in Birdsong Studio, we have openings for this Sunday and next.  All you have to do is click here to register and get the details. 


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