Exploring the Aurora


While there are some threads that are consistent, each day in San Miguel de Allende is completely unique, as are my walking trips. While Heather worked on her memoir in the morning, I made my way through unfamiliar streets and thoroughfares in the downtown area. As the big Catholic churches all sit within a three or four block area, they become my markers. If I can see one, I can find my way back.

An omelette lunch and a quick nap and we were both ready to explore Fabrica la Aurora, a renovated textile mill housing cafes, shops, galleries and working art studios.

“It just goes on and on,” I said to Heather several times. One hour turned into two which blossomed into three.

Perhaps because it was Saturday, many of the artists were on site and we ended up in conversations with several. Without exception they were very engaging and keen to talk about their work and their processes.

Several were expat Americans, others were born and bread Mexicans. All had their unique approach and artistic voice. 

Going to the Aurora was a little like going to a major art gallery or museum: it is impossible to see it all in one day. We will go back, perhaps several times, as both Heather and I found ourselves intrigued and inspired.

We stopped into a pizza place on the way back for dinner. The pizza featured cartelized onions, sliced pear and an amazing crumble style cheese. It was delicious and not too heavy. 

After another 15,000 step day (almost 10 km), I was ready to kick back and do some reading.  Here some more bird pics to close out our Saturday in San Miguel.


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