Final Days in San Miguel


We are down to our final few days in San Miguel and getting mentally prepared to start our journey north to Canada. We’ll be back in our own bed by Monday night.

Heather joined me on my long morning walk yesterday, through the scrub lands, down through the valley to the viewpoint and on the Parque Juarez at the bottom of a long flight of stairs. Just after passing the El Chorro chapel, one or both of us looked up and saw four patches of white way up in a tree. It was the great egrets that Alejandro told us about.

They were absolutely incredible. The male, with incredible display of feathers, was busy making a nest while the elegant female looked on.

Heather struck up a conversation with a hostess who shared that by late March that particular tree would be filled with egrets, Amazing.

Walking through Parque Juarez we discovered an art sale, Between 8 to 10 artists were set up with a variety of works on wood, canvas and paper. Prices ranged from several thousand Mexican pesos to more than 20,000 pesos.

We followed our bread crumb trail and made our way back up the stairs (I counted 197 of them) to the viewpoint, up to the scrubland and back to our rental house. The entire loop ended up being 12,000 steps or about 8 km.

For dinner, we opted for the tried and true, our favourite spot called Don Taco Tequila. It’s a vegan restaurant that has never let us down. If you see the photograph above you’ll know you’re in the right spot. It is one of several stellar portraits featured inside. 


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