It’s like fishing


As I sat on my bench waiting for my hummingbirds to come back to the little flowers on the side of the cactus, steadfastly focusing on the spot six feet in front of me, I was reminded of my many hours fishing on the banks of the Clearwater and Athabasca rivers in Fort McMurray. I would sit transfixed for hours looking at the tip of the rod waiting for any small movement. There were days when there was very little movement. I enjoyed it nonetheless. The patient anticipation was relaxing.

Visitors to the San Miguel viewpoint probably wondered what I was doing just sitting there looking forward.  As a hummingbird would appear I bounced up from my bench and attempted to click off a few frames before it flew away again. They are so fast getting an in focus shot or two is quite challenging. I was thrilled to have several successes before continuing on with my walking journey.

Heather and I walked to a different area of San Miguel yesterday, the area of town she lived in when she last visited in the spring. It’s an older part of town. The roads are more bumpy, the houses less fancy, and a different vibe completely. That said, the area is abundant with murals. There is a surprise around every corner.

A market was set up under a big tent near Instituto Allende, the original art school that helped the city find its legs.  We visited with several artists and Heather bought a small original work on paper to take home.

There are so many random things that catch my attention on our walks. Here are a few examples that may inspire paintings some day.


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