Oh the paintings I will try

 The paintings are stacking up in my head, like itches I can’t wait to scratch. They are subject ideas, techniques, colour combinations, textures and compositions.

“This is the most photographed street in all of San Miguel,” said the real estate dude on Calle Aldama. I stepped out into the street and understand his comment immediately. The tops of two main churches are exactly in the centre of the frame.

We are starting to wrap our brains around the fact that in one week we’ll be home. I’ll be jumping right into closing out our Birdsong Artist Circle auction. I designed it in that way specifically to shift me back into work mode. 

In the days remaining in San Miguel, we will continue to walk, explore, take pictures and soak it all in. I am doing 20,000+ steps every day now that my healthy has returned to normal. That usually consists of a morning stroll, one in the early afternoon and one in the late afternoon and evening. 

Here are a few highlights from yesterday’s hikes.


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