Badlands of the north

Kleskun Hill lies just east of Grande Prairie. It is a series of bald rocky outcroppings very similar to what you see in the badlands of southern Alberta. The park includes a series of historic buildings that form an interpretive village of sorts. It was our first destination yesterday.

I would imagine that on a still day, the bugs might be quite challenging in this spot. However, the wind was making itself known which not only created the lonesome sound of being in the old west but eliminated any chance of the insects finding us. It was perfect.

As we went up higher we heard the sounds of what seemed to be dogs howling off in the distance. It became clear quickly, that a pack of coyotes was busy in the bluff on the other side of the valley. They must have been dealing with something pressing as I’ve rarely heard their plaintive cries during the day. 

While Heather was making lunch back at the farm, my sister Corinne gave me a brief tutorial on how to operate the John Deere riding mower.
I got a good jump on bringing down the clover in the massive front yard, perhaps the size of a couple of football fields. It took three sessions spread out through the day, but I got most of it done by early evening. 

It was my first time on a riding mower and it was the closest I’ve ever come to feeling like a farmer. With ear protecting headphones on and my full attention on what lay in front of the mower, I was swept away into the task. Time was suspended.

My sister and brother-in-law are gamers.
They have an impressive collection of board games stored in their hidden pantry and always like to get us to try several when we visit.
I start to panic each time they try to explain the rules of an unfamiliar game and often try to make excuses not to play. However, I jumped in to play CENTURY (Spice Road).
After a couple of games later, and I was hooked. I think we did three full games before calling it a night.


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